Speak to Students about Careers

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Adults in the workforce are invited to register as a speaker to help students learn about different careers and how to prepare for them.

United Way Profit In Education© is developing a speakers' bureau of business representatives who are willing to speak with area classes and student groups.

Potential settings for speakers registered with the speakers' bureau may include: middle school career day, career investigation courses, business classes or adult education programs.

Presentations will typically last 30-40 minutes but may vary based on the audience and setting. Speakers may be asked to present two to four times a year to various classes.

Speakers are encouraged to cover such topics as the following:

  • The speaker's company
  • Different careers available at the speaker's business
  • Training and education required for jobs at the speaker's workplace
  • Employer expectations

Additional possible topics:

  • Need for high school diploma
  • Drug testing
  • Reliability (especially why showing up for work is important)
  • Attitude
  • Honesty, including on job applications
  • Appearance-grooming, tattoos, clothing, piercings, etc.
  • Proper technology use
  • Encouragement that students have time to get on better path if needed
  • Importance of gaining experience through volunteering

If you are interested in participating in this speaker's bureau, please click here to provide your information or email Jodi Bloemker, United Way Director of Community Investment.