Board of Directors

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United Way Board of Directors

2018 Volunteers 

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to oversee the activities and management of United Way of Greater St. Joseph as well as ensure fiscal and administrative accountability of the agency.


Dennis N. Rosonke, Chair

Ann Hoy, Vice Chair

Mark Wyble, Secretary

Renee Hurd, Treasurer

Kylee M. Strough, President



Scott Albers

Ron Auxier, A.I.A.

Mike Basch

Debra Bradley

Rall Bradley

Ben Byrd

Katie Carolus

George Clinton

Elaine Coder

Mike Doolan

Patti Eiman

Jan Glenn

Phil Gould

Jason Grayson

Ron L. Hook

Brandi Hoover

Steve Johnston

Brennan Lehman

Michelle Margulies

Terri Modlin

Mike Moore

LaVell Rucker

Gia Scruggs

Brandt Shields

Gary Silvey

Adam Stein

Michele Thomason

Lisa E. Weil

Julie Woods