Connect With Griffon Energy and Potential on Aug. 25

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United Way Volunteer Center is calling for local non-profits, churches, schools, nursing homes and hospitals to utilize new Missouri Western student volunteers and/or to share information about potential future student involvement with their organization through Griffon Edge on Aug. 25.

At the beginning of each academic year, Missouri Western State University hosts a multi-day orientation program for new students to help them acclimate to campus and to the St. Joseph community. As part of the experience, students spend two hours volunteering and an hour and a half at a Community Service Fair. This year, United Way Volunteer Center is assisting with the coordintation of the volunteer experience and the fair.

On Aug. 25, from 3:30-5:30 p.m., 800 incoming freshmen will volunteer their time for the community. Local organizations are inivted to contact United Way to arrange for volunteer projects to be completed for them by groups of 20 students on campus or elsewhere in the community during this time period.

Following the two-hours of service, a Community Service Fair will take place at MWSU from 6:30-8 p.m., during which time, community organizations are encouraged to participate and share information about how the students can be involved during their student years and into the future.

To submit a Griffon Edge volunteer project and/or to register for the MWSU Community Service Fair, click here for a form to complete and submit to United Way. For questions, please contact Kylee Strough at United Way via email or by calling (816) 364-2381.

United Way Volunteer Center connects the community through volunteerism by helping people who wish to volunteer with local non-profits that need volunteers.