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Here are some area outcomes made possible last year thanks to people who GIVE to United Way . . .
One story  ̶  Clayton was diagnosed with autism at an early age. With the help of a United Way Partner Agency, he received therapies and attended preschool to help him reach important developmental goals. During his early elementary years, his parents saw hope through another United Way Partner Agency that helped him learn life skills and socialize in ways not possible during the school day. Now a young adult, Clayton is a high school graduate who is learning the ropes of his first job, and he is an Eagle Scout—all dreams that would have seemed out of reach without the United Way system of agencies working in our community.

Some of the bigger picture from last year

>634 children received early care and education to help them begin their school years ready to learn.
>165 children with a disability or special need and their families received services that helped the children work toward important developmental milestones.
>383 families and caregivers were educated about car seats and proper installation to keep children safe while riding in motor vehicles.
>1,007 students participated in after-school youth programs.
>Through education, 131 parents with at-risk pregnancies improved their ability to provide quality parenting for their infants.
>209 incoming kindergartners and their families participated in programs to equip them for school success.
>More than 130 children read with volunteers to help maintain reading skills.
>67 teen parents continued on with their education or employment throughout pregnancy and after delivery.
>407 adults were trained about issues related to occupational safety.
>3,699 youth built character, knowledge, and skills through scouting.
>200,089 documented volunteer community service hours were completed through scouting.
>114 at-risk children were impacted by a positive adult mentor.
>25 adults developed skills to be effective leaders in the community.
>Area businesses partnered with 60 students in grades 7 through 12 to improve the educational level of the potential and current workforce.
>1,179 students received new shoes at the beginning of the school year.
>84 young men earned Eagle Scout rank, the highest scouting rank.
>65 adults with disabilities participated in life skills training.
>2,831 school-age children attended camp for summer enrichment learning and positive activities.