Community Investment

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Recent Education Outcomes

These success stories and statistics are the results of our community's generous giving, support and advocation. 

One story  ̶  Andy is not quite a teenager, but he knows how to survive through difficult circumstances: a parent in prison, living with no utilities, and having to go to school and learn while decisions that affect him at home are out of his control. In the midst of the chaos, a United Way funded program for youth has provided a calm, safe place to play and to gain good, new life experiences. Through the program, he is excelling in a sport and is excited about goals he's setting and reaching.

Big Picture Statistics:

  • 570 children received early care and education to help them begin their school years ready to learn.

  • 179 children with a disability or special need and their families received services that helped the children work toward important developmental milestones.

  • 302 families and caregivers were educated about car seats and proper installation to keep children safe while riding in motor vehicles.

  • 714 students participated in after-school youth programs.

  • More than 250 incoming kindergartners and their families participated in programs to equip them for school success. 

  • More than 500 children read with volunteers to help maintain reading skills. 

  • 579 adults were trained about issues related to occupational safety. 

  • 3,318 youth built character, knowledge, and skills through scouting. 

  • 25,126 documented volunteer community service hours were completed through scouting.

  • 114 at-risk children were impacted by a positive adult mentor. 

  • 27 adults developed skills to be effective leaders in the community.

  • Area businesses partnered with more than 1,000 students to help them learn about local employers and education required to work in particular jobs. 

  • 1,182 students received new shoes at the beginning of the school year. 

  • 70 adults with disabilities participated in life skills training. 

  • 2,432 school-age children attended camp for summer enrichment learning and positive activities.

  • 85 boys earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest Boy Scout rank.