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Here are some area outcomes made possible last year thanks to people who GIVE to United Way . . .

One story  ̶  Angie is a hard worker who has been employed since she was 15 years old. The day after she broke up with a boyfriend, she learned that she was pregnant. Through United Way Partner Agency staff, she found the encouragement, guidance, and basic baby supplies that helped her form a financial plan she has been able to sustain. She continues to work and care for her baby, aiming to provide a stable future for them both. 

Some of the bigger picture from last year

>876 men, women, and children received 32,975 nights of emergency shelter.
>221 people received budget counseling to help them through financial crisis.
>361 low-income or elderly people were represented in court at no cost for non-criminal cases.
>169 previously homeless households lived in transitional, permanent, or supportive housing.
>1,533 people received $1,256,261 in tax refunds through free tax preparation.

>761 children from low-income families received school supplies.

>102 adults with disabilities held jobs through sheltered and supported employment.

>More than $226,000 was saved on prescription medication by area residents with a prescription discount card.

>More than 6,000 people received clothing they needed at no cost.

>14 immigrants became U.S. citizens or legal, permanent residents.

>111 people filed proper documentation to successfully maintain legal status or attain citizenship.

>71 seniors were transported to medical appointments and community activities.

>Earned Income Tax Credits were filed for 206 people through free tax preparation, resulting in $134,381 in returned refunds.

>786 people provided Christmas to 792 families and individuals in need.

>Nearly 130 volunteers guided decisions for $3.1 million distributed in our community.

>More than 11,300 referrals were made to people seeking needed service resources.

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