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Recent Financial Stability Outcomes

These success stories and statistics are the results of our community's generous giving, advocation and support. 

One story  ̶  Jeff had been living a stable adult life since his Vietnam military service. When his mom's health began failing, he lost his job because of the amount of time he needed to invest in her care. As medical bills poured in, he did everything he could to pay them, losing his home in the process. After she died, he lived from his motorcycle as long as he could before turning to a United Way Partner Agency, not wanting others to know how rough his life had become. Thanks to services that helped him with a place to live and employment, he is self-sufficient again and has recently been promoted to a management position where he works.

Big Picture Statistics:

>162 previously homeless households (257 people) lived in transitional, permanent, or supportive housing.

>444 people received budget counseling to help them through financial crisis.

>248 low-income or elderly people were represented in court at no cost for non-criminal cases.

>861 men, women, and children received 35,119 nights of emergency shelter.

>1,887 people received $1,062, 602 in tax refunds through free tax preparation.

>776 children from low-income families received school supplies.

>120 adults with disabilities held jobs through sheltered and supported employment.

>$221,142 was saved on prescription medication by area residents with a prescription discount card.

>At least 8,821 free items of clothing reached people who needed them.

>23 immigrants became U.S. citizens or legal, permanent residents.

>106 people filed proper documentation to successfully maintain legal status or attain citizenship.

>Earned Income Tax Credits were filed for 163 people through free tax preparation, resulting in $55,136 in returned refunds.

>972 people provided Christmas to 767 families and individuals in need.

>140 volunteers guided decisions for $3.1 million distributed in our community.

>More than 10,200 referrals were made to people seeking needed service resources.

>26 scholarships were awarded to early care educators pursuing higher education.

>30 adults who were assisted with employment preparation were hired for paid work.

>87 people received assistance with specific work-related requirements such as boots, tools, or transportation that allowed them to maintain employment.