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United Way of Greater St. Joseph and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce lead the way with residents to imagine and plan for our city's future.

Back in April 2018, United Way and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce collaborated and tried to imagine what the future could look like for our community. With the help of futurist and economist, Rebecca Ryan and over 1,000 community members, a plan for a better future emerged: Imagine St. Joseph 2040.

The plan has three areas of focus: Invest in People, Create a Better Place and Grow Prosperity. The plan itself is action oriented, builds on St. Joseph’s history of working together and proclaims ambitious, but achievable goals that will make St. Joseph a place people want to stay.

  • Invest in People: We will be most successful by investing in our people. In this plan, we outline ways to invest in our current and future workforce by providing excellent education opportunities from birth through higher education. We also plan to face poverty head-on by addressing the root causes, not just the symptoms. Whether it’s the issue of poverty, mental health or addiction, we will make sure resources and systems are in place that encourage all residents to reach their full potential. Investing in people now, will reap benefits in our future
  • Create a Better Place: We want St. Joseph to be place where residents and visitors feel “there is something exciting going on.” We plan to restore old neighborhoods as well as invest in new amenities. One of the biggest aspects of this section of the plan is that St. Joseph residents take pride in our community by keeping it clean and safe. Together, we will create a place where people want to stay.
  • Grow Prosperity: Any successful city is prosperous. By 2040, we want St. Joseph to be a place where residents find meaningful and good-paying work. Our community should be known for its collaboration and innovation. For any city to be prosperous, it must have exceptional leadership. This plan outlines goals and objectives to ensure St. Joseph will have strong civic and business leaders.

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