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United Way Financial Stability

Providing opportunities for individuals and families to become financially self-sufficient since 2009



Through the United Way Financial Stability Initiative, community leaders from all sectors collaborate to focus on three main aspects of financial stability:

1. Providing financial education opportunities.

2. Making free tax preparation services available to people who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

3. Advocating for local, state, and federal policy change to help prevent poverty and to help people move out of poverty.


The United Way Financial Stability Initiative brings age-appropriate financial education through an after-school program to local elementary schools in partnership with the St. Joseph School District and US Bank. The United Way Financial Stability Initiative also promotes free tax preparation offered by InterServ, a United Way Partner Agency.


Financial Stability Volunteers:

Volunteers work with United Way Financial Stability through the following committee and work groups:

  • Financial Stability Steering Committee
  • Financial Education Work Group
  • Free Tax Preparation Services Work Group
  • Policy Change Work Group

For more information, contact Jodi Flurry, Director of Community Investment at

816.364.2381 or click here.