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Spread the call to LIVE UNITED to Impact LIVE

You can influence change by spreading United Way information and the call to LIVE UNITED.

  • Wear a LIVE UNITED shirt . . . and live it. (Call 816-364-2381 to see what shirts United Way of Greater St. Joseph has in the office at cost, ask about how area workplaces create custom shirts or check out the United Way Store).
  • Follow, interact with, and share United Way of Greater St. Joseph on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn or YouTube.
  • Share news and information from the United Way website.
  • Highlight that your business supports United Way and invite others to do so through internal or external signage, billboards, newsletters, media advertising, etc.
  • Rate us on Google by Googling "United Way of Greater St. Joseph" and following the simple instructions to provide feedback to others who find us via a Google search.

For more information, contact Kylee Strough, President, United Way of Greater St. Joseph at
(816) 364-2381 or