SingleCare Prescription Assistance

Saving residents money on prescription medication with a free prescription discount card since 2007

The United Way SingleCare prescription discount card is free to anyone who would like one. It can be used as often as needed by anyone for any qualifying prescription; it is like a reusable coupon for many different prescriptions.

The card has no income limits or age requirements and requires no registration. To receive the discounted prescription price, the card should be presented at a participating pharmacy. Those with prescription insurance can present their insurance card and the United Way SingleCare card at the pharmacy to determine which will offer the most savings.

Where is the card accepted?

To find a list of participating pharmacies in a specific geographic area, click here.  Then, you can enter your zip code to determine which locally owned and national retail chains accept the United Way SingleCare card.

Which prescriptions are covered?

All FDA approved medicines are covered. Click here to look up a drug cost.

Where can I get a United Way SingleCare card?

  • United Way office (118 South 5th Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501; 816.364.2381)
  • Get your free card by clicking here.

How can I help distribute United Way SingleCare cards?

United Way of Greater St. Joseph provides United Way SingleCare cards at no cost to anyone or any entity wishing to make them available to their patients, clients, customers, or employees. To request United Way SingleCare cards or holders, please email Kylee Strough or call 816.364.2381.

United Way of Greater St. Joseph partners with the SingleCare Prescription Discount Program to distribute cards to anyone needing prescription medications regardless of insurance, government benefits, etc.

For more information, contact Kylee Strough at 816.364.2381.

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