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United Way Unmet Needs Committee

Collaborating to connect people to resources to solve immediate needs with lasting impact since 1993




United Way Unmet Needs Committee meets monthly to identify alternative resources and solutions for cases brought before them by agencies, cases with immediate needs that agencies have not been able to resolve. Through brainstorming and collaboration of committee members and the groups they represent, clients can be assisted with needs for which there are few resources. When assistance on a particular case is not available elsewhere in the community, the United Way Unmet Needs Committee may approve United Way funds to be used for the case.  
Last year, United Way Unmet Needs assisted with cases in which individuals needed prescriptions, dental care and car repairs. In each case, a specific, fixable unmet need that impacted a person or family’s greater well-being was resolved.

The committee consists of community members and representatives from businesses, non-profit, and faith-based and government agencies. Through the work of the United Way Unmet Needs Committee, local people are connected to resources to help them gain and maintain stability.


For more information,contact Jodi Flurry, Director of Community Investment

at 816.364.2381 or click here