United Way Success By 6 

Preparing children to be successful learners when they begin kindergarten since 1999

About Us:

United Way Success By 6 fosters and participates in community-wide partnerships to prepare young children for future success. Research has shown how critical the earliest years are in setting the stage for life, indicating that children who enter kindergarten with the foundation to learn are likely to succeed and reach their full potential. For the last few years, local kindergarten screenings have indicated that approximately half of St. Joseph’s incoming kindergartners are demonstrating skills needed to begin kindergarten successfully. United Way Success By 6 aims to strengthen the system that nurtures the community’s youngest children by working with parents, childcare providers, early education teachers, and local businesses who can all help children develop. The initiative works to educate parents about their key role as their child’s first teachers, raises the level of quality in community childcare centers, and informs community leaders about the importance of the early years.