Success By 6 Early Educators & Child Care Providers

Early Educators & Child Care Providers  

As part of supporting improved child care, United Way Success By 6 offers scholarships for employees of participating local child care centers to pursue degrees in early childhood education. United Way Success By 6 also coordinates a network for directors of early care and education. The network provides training on a variety of management and leadership topics and serves as an opportunity for directors to share experience and expertise. Various trainings and activities occur throughout the year as part of the United Way Success By 6 focus on quality local child care.

Want to invest in your education? Let us help! 

Join us for an information session on May 2 or May 9. Participants will hear from early childhood instructors and learn about scholarship opportunities available that could pay most of the tuition, fees and book costs. Some opportunities even offer bonuses for completion! Sign up for one or both of the sessions: 

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For information regarding child care training, please contact Bobbie Cronk at 816.364.2381. 

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