Allocations Process

United Way’s annual allocations process is how United Way Partner Agencies are evaluated and future year investment of campaign dollars are determined. Volunteers examine agency operations, programs and finances, and make recommendations that will be used by the United Way Community Investment Council and United Way Board of Directors to determine 2025 funding for United Way Partner Agencies.

Volunteer involvement ensures that donor dollars are used to achieve impact in the areas of education, health and financial stability, and that United Way of Greater St. Joseph is accountable to donors. In 2023, more than 150 community members from a variety of backgrounds volunteered in the United Way Allocations Process.

Serving on an allocations subcommittee is a great way to learn about the agencies and have a voice in how donor dollars are invested in our community.  

Volunteers are placed on subcommittees, and each subcommittee reviews two to three United Way Partner Agencies. The volunteers dedicate approximately 10-15 hours of their time over a two month period April to May reviewing the agencies, listening to presentations and making recommendations. There are approximately five-six meetings for each subcommittee. There are subcommittees that meet during the day as well as subcommittees that only meet in the evening. The intention of United Way is to offer in-person subcommittees only at this time.

Interested in volunteering? 

For more information contact Jodi Flurry at United Way at 816-364-2381.