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Recent Financial Stability Outcomes


One Story - A young mother came to the YWCA with her three year old son, Jack. She felt hopeless, like she was letting her son down after escaping a very abusive relationship. She became a resident of the shelter with Jack and began the process of trying to put the pieces back together again. When she arrived at the shelter she was informed of the Discovery Childcare Center and that the YWCA pays for 15 days of childcare so that the mothers can go out and look for work.  Jack quickly flourished and made friends and became a loved member of the preschool classroom while his mother went out looking for work. She got a job and eventually found a place of their own outside of shelter.

To this day, Jack is enrolled in Discovery Childcare Center and has more friends than he can count. (And he will tell you that!) Jack will graduate next year and move onto kindergarten. Mom is able to work every day and knows that she has a support system to help anytime. She has mentioned on more than one occasion that if it weren’t for the YWCA she doesn’t know where she and little Jack would have ended up. She is now able to leave Jack in a loving, nurturing, and educational environment while she is able to work and provide for her family.


Big Picture Statistics:

  • 541 men, women, and children received emergency shelter.

  • 247 low-income or elderly people were represented at no cost for non-criminal court cases. 

  • 121 previously homeless households (191 people) lived in transitional, permanent, or supportive housing.

  • 150 adults with disabilities held jobs through sheltered and supported employment.

  • $240,643 was saved on prescription medication by area residents with a prescription discount card. 

  • More than 900 people provided Christmas to 2,620 families and individuals in need.

  • More than 100 volunteers guided decisions for $2.1 million distributed in our community.

  • 8 scholarships were awarded to early care educators pursuing higher education. 

  • 58 high school students with disabilities received summer work experience.