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Recent Health Outcomes

One Story - From the beginning, Knox Yurth was a happy, healthy baby. When he began crying inconsolably at only 3 weeks old, mom Kristin felt in her gut that something must be wrong. Despite a physical exam, as well as multiple X-rays and ultrasound exams, all testing came back normal. Back home, Kristin tried and tried to comfort her son, but he continued to cry throughout the night. The next morning, he had what looked like a blister around his mouth. Thanks to United Way Partner Agency, Knox was treated early and recovered very quickly. Three months following his admission, Knox’s skin had completely healed. 


Big Picture Statistics:

  • More than 4,000 adults and children received needed mental health services.

  • 619 senior adults received nutritious meals to help maintain health.

  • More than $39 million in unreimbursed medical care was provided to children in the Greater St. Joseph area.

  • 3,769 children recieved specialized pediatric care.  

  • 1,400 people worked through alcohol and drug addiction recovery. 

  • United Way Agencies provided legal assistance and advocacy to more than 350 victims of domestic violence.

  • 295 women and their children who were victims of domestic or sexual violence received emergency shelter.

  • More than 900 youth participated in organized sports and activities.

  • 86 therapeutic items were borrowed by 46 families for children with disabilities.

  • 135 pregnant and parenting teens and adults were engaged in porograms to help them and their children thrive.