Success By 6 Parents/Primary Caregivers


Parents, Grandparents & Other Primary Caregivers

The United Way Success By 6 team works to support parents in their role as a child’s first teachers.


United Way KinderClub is a kindergarten readiness program for parents and their preschoolers. Through the program, volunteer teachers share academic and social information with parents of children who will be starting kindergarten the next fall to use at home.

Raising Children With Conscious Discipline Series - virtual monthly sessions for parents, grandparents and other primary caregivers of children birth to 6. Conscious Discipline is a proven, comprehensive approach that empowers adults and children with skills that create a safe, connected, problem-solving environment for families.

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Success By 6 Play Paths provide activity stations for families of young children at Bartlett and Hyde parks and at the park north of the Family Campus YMCA. Click here to learn more. 


  • Parent Resource Kits are compiled by United Way Success By 6 and distributed to parents of babies and incoming kindergartners each year. The kits contain important local resource information for parents of young children and materials to help parents learn about the developmental milestones their children should be reaching that year.
  • Childcare Checklist: Click here for a checklist of what to look for in a childcare facility. 
  • Child Development Worksheet: these sheets give you a rundown of your child's development at different stages of early childhood: 

*Si desea estos documentos en español, haga clic aquí.*

  • Fun Learning Activities you can with your child at home. We hope you and your child have an awesome time of fun and learning at all of our events, but we don't want the fun to stop there.
    • Click here for a list of activities and resources. The activities are suggestions for helping your child’s development and growth. Each child develops at his/her own speed and may do more or fewer of the activities identified for a particular age.
    • Click here for a sheet of activities for you and your child to try around St. Joseph.


  • Click here for the 5 Key Ideas for New Parents flyer
  • Click here for some of the most loved rhymes and songs to sing with your child to help with their development. 
  • Stream the Heartstrings Album on Spotify.

For additional information or resources, contact Bobbie Cronk at 816.364.2381.

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